Famous People In The World Of Internet

The internet is continuously changing and improving. It is making several things in our daily life easier, faster and more convenient. Behind these great innovations in the internet are the people who made a mark in our history. Through the help of the internet, the world has become firmly connected. We can now read news in the web. People are now communicating through e-mails instead of traditional posting of mails. TV shows and movies can now be watched online. You can now make purchases and pay bills through the internet. It is now easier to communicate with friends through social media pages. The introduction of the internet has become a life changing event for everyone. Below is the list of people who made a huge contribution in the world of internet.

famous people in the world of internet

famous people in the world of internet

Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn: This two people are considered to be the father of internet. They created the TCP/IP suite of communication protocols, the language that is used by computers to ‘talk’ with each other in a network.

Tim Berners-Lee: He invented the World Wide Web. He wrote the first web client and server, and designed a way to create links or hypertext, between different pieces of online information. Currently, he maintains standards for the web and still continues to refine its design. He is now the director of the World Wide Web Consortium.

Ray Tomlinson: He is known as the father of e-mail. He made it possible to exchange messages between computers located in different locations, it can be between universities or across continents. He came up with the idea of using “@” symbol format for e-mail addresses.

Michael Hart: He invented the eBooks for his Project Gutenberg, the world’s first electronic library, with the main goal of breaking down the bars of ignorance and illiteracy. The collection includes public domain works and copyrighted works with permission.

Marc Andreessen: He revolutionized internet navigation with his web browser called as Mosaic, and was later commercialized as the Netscape Navigator.
Jarkko Oikarinen: He was the first one to develop a real-time online chat tool in Finland, which is known as the Internet Relay Chat or IRC. It became famous back in 1991, when Iraq invaded Kuwait. During this time, radio and TV signals were shut down but with help of IRC it distributed up-to-date information.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin: They are the inventor of Google, and changed the way we search and use the internet.
Bill Gates: He founded the software company called Microsoft, a combination of microcomputer software. He developed a Graphical User Interface or GUI for a disk operating system, which is known as Windows.

Mark Zuckerberg: He is the founder of one of the most famous social media page in the internet, the Facebook. In this network, users can share their ‘status updates’, photos, videos, chat with friends or meet new one, reconnect with old acquaintances, share news and information. The possibility of what you can do using Facebook is almost endless. It is believed to have 500 million registered users worldwide. There are only four remaining countries that Facebook should conquer: Russia, Japan, China, and Korea.

The Advantage Of Using The Internet For Businesses

internet for businesses

internet for businesses

The internet has in many ways helped businesses, especially the small ones. Small businesses are now able to compete with large corporations because they have increased both visibility and revenue, and are now able to reach a wider target audience to seek potential customers. Internet is a powerful tool that can make your business more productive and profitable. It can help you organize your business activities, be able to communicate more effectively with customers, reach a wider audience and generate potential clients, and most importantly help reduce expenses. Thus, it is important to understand the benefits of utilizing the use of the internet and be able to apply the practices that can maximize the full potential of your business.

  • Improved Efficiency

There are several tools and applications that can help you to run the daily operations of your business. There are services that help with finance management, inventory control, human resource, and online marketing tools; which lower expenses and reduce the time and labor force needed to run the business.

  • Potential Customer Based

Internet is where most people go to and communicate. A large number of the population all around the world has now access to computers and the internet. Using the internet as a platform to advertise your business is advantageous because you will be able to reach a large target audience and interact with potential customers.

  • 24/7 Store

The internet world operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Online businesses have the ability to maintain a shop that never closes. There is a huge possibility that owners still earn while they are sleeping.

  • Networking Opportunities

Business owners can connect with other entrepreneurs and join a local group of market. You will be able to learn about the current market and be able to exchange ideas and strategies with fellow entrepreneurs.

  • Cost Effective

Opening and maintenance of online store costs a fraction of the budget required to open a physical shop. Online advertisement can be free or less expensive and allows businesses to reach a more targeted demographic, unlike with traditional media where you have to put ads in TV, radio, and magazines limited only to a certain place. It also helps in the purchasing of products for resellers; they can simply browse in the internet and place their orders, there is no need to travel.

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Is Content Still King?

Content is King

Content is King

Anyone who has spent any time building an online business would have likely come across the phrase “Content is King” at some point. Bill Gates was one of the earliest proponents of this concept with his 1996 article citing the benefits of high quality content. Having said that, is this still the case? The short answer is yes. Content is still and will likely remain king for a long time due to a number of critical factors: credibility among search engine companies, the trust of your readers, and the worth of your business to investors. If you are involved in online marketing for the money, you will want to make sure that all of those factors work in your favour.

Looking into the importance of your credibility among search engine companies first, you have to bear in mind that most users find their way around the internet using mediums like Google and Yahoo among others. If these companies or their programs don’t classify your content as high quality, your sites will end up in the bottom of search engine rankings where visibility is nearly zero. You also want to earn and maintain the trust of your readers by keeping them engaged and offering useful information. The more they trust you, the more they’ll keep coming back to your site, and so traffic increases. Once you reach a certain threshold of visitors, investors are going to take notice. This could mean more revenue through ads, more capital through investments or you could even sell your site to an established company thus earning you a huge pay day. So as you can see, Content is most definitely still King and most likely will stay King for a long time.

How To Stay Professional On Social Media

There was a time when a CV or resume was enough to get someone a job. Now the employers look at the social media to understand their employees before hiring them. You need to start taking your social media seriously. The first thing to consider is to post images and comments you are comfortable sharing with the boss or other clients. Do not use foul language or curse words so much. The use of such foul language that will degrade your credibility as a professional. Sharing your religious posts is also likely to affect other aspects of your life.



Commenting about your work online is not the best way to air your views. There are proper channels to deal with complaints at the work place. Follow the company rules when you have to report complaints rather than seeking answers from other workers online. It will always seem that you are not a professional at all. It is common to see people celebrating after winning contracts. It is okay, but do not go into details describing the contract on social media. Some clients would take it as a breach of contract when everyone knows about the contract details. You will make it hard for people to trust you when it comes to getting more contracts.

social media

social media

Posting images of yourself drunk might just land you in more trouble than success. Take the time to sift through various photos that you have before posting. You need to have professional photos that show you at the best behavior. For the profile pic, it is important to have a picture that shows you as well dressed and ready to be seen as a professional. For those running a blog on image presentation, you need to interact with the viewers on social media platforms too. Having a link on your blog to the social media is the easiest way to interact with the users. Use boton me gusta to generate a Facebook like button and embed it on your blog. Here are more tips on how to stay professional on social media.

– Check the grammar of your posts before hitting post
– Stop creating several social media accounts
– Report suspicious fake social media accounts
– Delete some irritating comments from your profile
– Think before posting

Tips For Getting More Followers Easily On Social Media

followers easily on social media

followers easily on social media

The first thing a person opening a social media account is to have many followers. It is not that hard as many people think about getting followers on social media. The first thing to do is follow as many people as possible. It is crucial to follow many in order for them to follow back. With social media it is a game of scratch my back I scratch yours. If you are the boss of a certain company, it is time to tell your employees to follow you. Most employees who are on the social media are likely to follow you for easy updates. The golden rule to gaining more followers on social media is by sharing quality content. Having top quality content should help you get a lot of attention from many other people.

You need to have a follow button on your website or blog. It is crucial to have such links so that people can actually follow you for any updates. A number of plugins do exist to help you showcase to the blog visitors the type of social media influence that you have. The use of hashtags is crucial to help in exposing your content to many people who might just benefit from it. Use hashtags that can easily attract people to use them too. Always stay professional in all the comments and content that you share online. Many people can actually judge you based on the type of content that you share.

Top Trends In Computers Today

The computers are evolving faster than before. Just imagine how a few years ago when the computers were slow and heavy. Now, the computers are slim and faster in operation. Having powerful computers is the best thing to have ever happened to the evolution of computers. It is the top trend of all times. Now the computers are becoming a part of human beings as we can see the likes of augmented intelligence, and artificial intelligence. The computers now can learn and grow in their own codes. Having such computers is fun and scary at the same time. Some people would say that the learning computers might one day take over the world while others see that they make the world a safer place.

top trends computers

top trends computers

The computers are essentials in the transport sector than before. The airplanes and any other form of transport rely on computers to make split second decisions on what to do. This is impossible when the humans are the only ones involved. The fact that the computers can do repetitive tasks without getting bored, it is easy to say that they are good for industry management. Many companies have now fully automated their operations to save on production costs and improve the service delivery to their clients. With the help of technology such as Google maps, it is easy for company to embed Google maps code into their sites to help people easily find them.

Top Internet Trends In 2015

top internet trends in 2015

top internet trends in 2015

The internet is changing the way people live today. There are so many changes that people have started to lose track. It is important not to lose track as these changes, determine how we want to find information online. So, what are some of the major changes in terms of internet trends? The first thing would be the new focus on mobile content optimization. The year 2015 has seen the changes made by Google to ensure mobile optimization is not just about a responsive site. Search engines now want mobile friendly sites in all aspects other than just resizing.

Top social media sites are set to benefit from the increased ad rates. Many companies have now realized the benefits of advertising through social media. The social media sites are always visited at any moment today. People are always updating their status on social media. This shows that the social media services are now the best place to expose a company to many people. Facebook has made some notable profits just on Ad revenue alone.

Whenever the search engines release an update, so many things in the internet industry also change. Many people now get to complain about the new changes, but they have to adhere to them. As much as SEO is the best way to help rank a website, not many people know to use it correctly. Many webmasters abused the SEO system that search engines had to change the ranking system. Now more people are looking to the side of content marketing. All the SEO funds from different companies are being redirected for content marketing purposes.

2015 has seen the rise in more vlogs. Many people are now expressing their ideas on blogging through videos. Many people are tired of reading all the boring blogs online. They now want something new and fresh. The videos seem to appeal to many people. We all know how it can be hard to forget a picture or a video you just saw. Reading on the other hard is easily forgettable and less attractive.

As much as people claim that email marketing is no more, they are wrong. 2015 has seen a renewed approach to email marketing. Even if people are now using apps such as WhatsApp for communication, they still have to check their emails. That is when they get to receive your newsletter. Much focus has been driven to making email marketing better again.